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2022 Furnaces and Lehr at Quarley

Projects: 2019 Onwards   Vessels Blown at the Furnace

This section describes the reflooring of the shelter, the rebuilding of the lehr, and the building of a new small furnace (Vesuvius) and a bead furnace (Etna). It also records the introduction of the electric kiln and the firings in 2022.

Wood Gathering and Processing

Phoenix Firing Three

Repairs after Firing Three
Preparations for Firing Four

Phoenix Firing Four
(Window Panes)

Phoenix Firing Five

The New Shelter Floor

The Electric Kiln

Rebuilding the Lehr

Vesuvius Firepit Build

Vesuvius Superstructure Build
and Firing of Inner Wall

Vesuvius Firings

Etna Build and Firings

Repairs after Firing Five
Preparations for Firing Six

Phoenix Firing Six

General Photos

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