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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - Vessels blown at our Wood-fired Furnace at Quarley

Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety   Our Wood-fired Furnaces

We do not make these vessels to order - they are only available from stock on the website

Roman Vessels

Tall-necked Phials

Oil Flasks

One-handled Bottles

Two-handled Bottles

Spouted Bottles

Trefoil-lipped Bottles

Trailed Flasks

Trailed Flasks

Conical Beakers

Two-handled Beakers

Footed Bowls

Small Storage Jars

Feeding Bottles

Small Ribbed Flasks


Myth Beakers

Lotus Beakers

Piriform Bottles

Small Two-handled Bottles


Small Mould-blown Bottles

Early Medieval Vessels ('Dark Ages', Saxon, Merovingian, etc.)

All Vessels

Medieval Vessels

Uroscopy Flasks

Post-medieval Vessels

Apothecary Bottles

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