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Projects: 2019 Onwards

This page lists the projects that involve wood-fired furnaces, mainly in the UK:

Quarley 2005 Furnaces 2005 and 2006 Roman Furnace Projects at Quarley:

This is where it all started, and what became the inspiration for many of the wood-fired furnaces that appeared in other parts of the world in the years that followed the Quarley Furnaces. In their turn, these furnaces were inspired by the work of John Shepherd and Gilbert Burroughes in August 1995* and reported on 'Time Team' (Series 3, Episode 6), and also by the 'Time Team' Furnace at York in 1999. See this page for a short report on the York furnace.

The archive for the 2005 and 2006 furnaces can be found on this page.
IFoG 2019 Furnace 2019 IFoG Furnace and Lehr at Stourbridge:

This page records the building of this furnace and lehr in our workshop and its setting up at The Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge in time for the International Festival of Glass in August 2019.
Quarley 2020 Furnace 2020 Relocation of the IFoG Furnace and Lehr at Project Workshops:

This page records the setup and running of the furnace and lehr in 2020 in their new home at Quarley.

Much of the glass that is made at the Quarley wood-fired furnace is for sale. See this page for the current stock.

We will, of course, continue to demonstrate glassblowing at our Summer Exhibition each year, when we will plan to run the wood-fired furnace and to invite guest glassblowers.

* See: John Shepherd (1996) "Reconstructing a Roman Furnace" in Glass News 2, Winter 1996.

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