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2022 Furnace ('Phoenix') and Lehr at Quarley - Phoenix Firing Four (May 2022)

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Furnace Performance and Lehr

Non-blown Window Panes

Blown Window Panes

Two matt-glossy panes and one crown pane (Photo © Denise Allen)
This was a two-day firing, running from the 14th to the 15th May, 2022. We concentrated on making various types of window panes: non-blown (poured and stretched, both flat and domed (slumped) versions) and blown (cylinder and crown), all of which, probably, were in use during the Roman period.

We lit the furnace at around 07.00 on Day One. We ran the furnace through the night and stopped fuelling it at about 18.00 on Day Two. This meant that we did not need to reheat the furnace and set a new pot in the morning of Day Two, so could devote more time to making window panes.

Denise Allen, an authority on the history and archaeology of Roman glass, was present for both days, gathering material for an article on Roman window glass for the 2023 Journal of Glass Studies.

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