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2019 IFoG Furnace and Lehr at Stourbridge

Projects: 2019 Onwards

The plan was to build and run a wood-fired furnace and lehr at Stourbridge for a week as part of the International Festival of Glass in August 2019. As both structures were to be transported to Stourbridge and back from Quarley, they needed to be light in weight, fully-dried and able to be transported in sections.

The structures were not meant to reflect a particular chronological period (as the 2005 and 2006 Quarley furnaces were); rather the aim was to create efficient structures, defining efficiency as fuel economy and, in the case of the furnace, having a large molten glass capacity to furnace volume. To this end, modern materials (stainless steel, ceramic fibre, nichrome wire, etc.) were included in the designs together with a daub made from clay and chopped hay.

Daub Creation

Furnace Build

Lehr Build

Furnace Disassembly
and Reassembly

Testing Furnace For Size

Lehr Disassembly
and Reassembly

Collars, Stoppers, Pots etc.

Assembly at Stourbridge

Glassblowing at Stourbridge

Disassembly at Stourbridge

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