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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - What we do, and what we don't do

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We concentrate fully on researching and reproducing ancient and historical glass vessels.

During 2021 we will not be taking orders to make glass - glass in stock and for sale is in our Gallery
- the one exception is for film and television projects in the autumn and winter.

Late February 2021: We are not taking any orders to make Outlander vessels - or any other glass. We are now very low on stock of Outlander glasses, but will resume blowing Outlander glass in October 2021.

The vessels we have for sale will be listed on the Gallery pages of our website, which we will endeavour to keep well-stocked - particularly with Outlander vessels.

For information on Outlander vessels, see this page.
For Outlander vessels that we have in stock, see this page, then click on each vessel type to see what we have in stock for that vessel.

Some of the glass items and work we have had requests for, but which we do not make: We don't make these items, but here are some links to people who may be able to help:

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