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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - Mid 17th to late 18th century Bottles - Shaft and Globe Bottles

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Dating from the mid to the third quarter of the 17th century. This bottle type was selected for 'Outlander'. See this page.

These are individual vessels that are in stock and can be purchased as seen.

Please check the large photos, accessible by clicking on the thumbnails, before choosing.

Bottles 0084 to 0089 have very small bubbles in their walls, which can be felt when holding them.

SG0091 - £30
Height: 21.5cm
Diam: 12.5cm
Capacity: 700ml

SG0094 - £30
Height: 22.1cm
Diam: 12.8cm
Capacity: 700ml

SG0101 - £30
Height: 22.8cm
Diam: 13.6cm
Capacity: 850ml

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