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Pyxis with Lid 098

We do not make the Pyxis to order - the number we have in stock is listed below

098a Cobalt blue - 35
In stock: 0

098a Opaque white - 35
In stock: 0

Pyxides (small, lidded boxes) with the same moulded design as this example were found at Pompeii, dating those examples no later than the third quarter of the first century AD.

They are found throughout both the western and eastern Roman Empire, and it has been suggested that they may be the product of Ennion's or related Sidonian glassmaking workshops, which are believed to have spread from the Syro-Palestinian coast to Italy.

Our reproduction is based on examples from the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, Corning Museum of Glass, New York State, and the Miho Museum, Japan.

Height, including lid: 8.0cm   Diameter at base: 5.8cm

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