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Beaker with Vegetal Decoration 063a   Price £20 each

Mould-blown beakers from our Wood-fired Furnace

We are now making Mould-blown Beakers at our Wood-fired Furnace.
See this page for all of our Wood-fired Furnace vessels.
In particular, see this page for our Circus Beakers and stock levels.

We do not make Vegetal Beakers to order
- they are only available from stock on the website.

For stock levels of all of our mould-blown beakers, see this page.

Based on an example in the Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne, this beaker is decorated with ivy tendrils, rosettes, scallop shells and laurel sprays with berries.

These vessels were produced in the East and imported into the western provinces. Similar articles were found at Pompeii, which date them earlier than 79 AD. The toreumata described by Martial may be similar vessels.

The Cologne beaker is amber in colour, but a fragment from Augst and an example in the Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, are colourless.

Height: 12.9cm   Diameter at rim: 6.7cm   Capacity: 290ml

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