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Almond Knobbed or Lotus Beaker 062a   Price £20 each

Mould-blown beakers from our Wood-fired Furnace

We are now making Mould-blown Beakers at our Wood-fired Furnace.
See this page for all of our Wood-fired Furnace vessels.
In particular, see this page for our Lotus Beakers and stock levels.

We do not make Lotus Beakers to order
- they are only available from stock on the website.

For stock levels of all of our mould-blown beakers, see this page.

Based on beakers of Flavian date (late 1st century AD), particularly vessels in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Newark Museum, New Jersey.

The almond knob or lotus pattern is often interpreted as a stylised representaton of Hercules' wooden club. Most examples are amber or pale green in colour, although cobalt blue vessels are known.

Several examples of this beaker, made by us, can be seen in the film 'Gladiator'.

Height (using metal mould): 13.5cm   Diameter at rim: 6.8cm   Capacity: 290ml    (Measurements from fired clay mould are different)

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