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Gladiator Beaker 051a   Price £20 each

Mould-blown beakers from our Wood-fired Furnace

We are now making Mould-blown Beakers at our Wood-fired Furnace.
See this page for all of our Wood-fired Furnace vessels.
In particular, see this page for our Circus Beakers and stock levels.

We do not make Gladiator Beakers to order
- they are only available from stock on the website.

For stock levels of all of our mould-blown beakers, see this page.

Based on the intact vessel found at Sopron, Hungary, as well as on fragments from Switzerland and Germany, this ovoid circus beaker is unique in displaying its maker's name on its shoulder: M(ARCVS) LICINEVS DICEVS.

Beneath a hunt scene depicting wild animals pursued through a wood by dogs, two named pairs of gladiators (all of whom are known to be contemporary with Nero), are depicted in combat.

PETRAITES ('Rocky') has disarmed PRUDES ('The Careful One'), who submits by raising his left hand, and ORIES (possibly HORIES ('Rising Sun')) appears to have slain CALAMUS ('Arrow', or possibly 'Victory Palm') who lies beneath his shield.

Height: 8.9cm   Diameter of body: 8.0cm   Capacity: 220ml

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