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Chariot Race Beaker 047f   Price £20 each

Mould-blown beakers from our Wood-fired Furnace

We are now making Mould-blown Beakers at our Wood-fired Furnace.
See this page for all of our Wood-fired Furnace vessels.
In particular, see this page for our Circus Beakers and stock levels.

We do not make Chariot Race Beakers to order
- they are only available from stock on the website.

For stock levels of all of our mould-blown beakers, see this page.

The main frieze depicts three racing quadrigae (four-horse chariots) and a standing fourth with Olympus holding the winner's palm and wreath. The names on the upper frieze are:

PYRAME (Pyramus)
EVTYCE (Eutychus - 'The Lucky One’)
IERAX (Hierax - 'The Falcon')
OLYMPE (Olympus), the winner

This beaker is based on the virtually complete amber vessel from Couvin in Belgium, now in the Musée Archéologique de Namur. The main and upper friezes are exactly the same as that of our 047a beaker, but the lower frieze depicting a hunt scene is absent.

Height: 6.5cm   Diameter at rim: 8.3cm   Capacity: 200ml

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