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Short Open Flame Oil Lamps date to the mid to late 18th century and are characterised by having a biconical oil reservoir or a spherical oil reservoir occasionally with a vestigal cylindrical chamber for the wick. Neither variety has a drip tray; instead the rim of the foot is often turned upwards to catch any spilt oil.

The stem is normally formed from a solid gather of glass shaped into simple bobbins, and sometimes over a basal merese. Feet are invariably folded and often turned up at the rim. The handle usually has a thumb-piece and is shaped to fit the fingers.

Wick Holders Wick in position

Each lamp is supplied with a brass wick holder and a short length of flat 11mm wide wick. The wick holder is based directly on an original one. We fit a small, thin cork to the underside to hold it in place.

The 'Outlander-style' short lamps (see the photo on the right) that we have in stock are on this page in the 'Outlander' section of our website.

'Outlander-style' Short Open Flame Lamp

We do not make Short Open Flame Oil Lamps to order - these are individual vessels that are in stock and can be purchased as seen

Single Lamps

SOFL00xx - 70
Height: xcm

The main work on these lamps is: Kelsall, K. (1995) 'Glass in 18th century England - The Open-Flame Lamp' Keith Kelsall: The Cromwell Press, Wiltshire (Chapter 7 deals with these lamps).

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