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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - Late 17th to late 18th century Glasses - Mushroom Knop Stems

Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety

A common early baluster stem formation, dating to around 1720

These are individual vessels that are in stock and can be purchased as seen

Single Vessels (do not pair up):

MUSH0002 - 40
Height: 17.0cm
Diam: 7.7cm
Capacity: 130ml

MUSH0003 - 40
Height: 16.4cm
Diam: 7.6cm
Capacity: 125ml

MUSH0005 - 50
Height: 20.8cm
Diam: 9.2cm
Capacity: 260ml

MUSH0006 - 50
Height: 20.7cm
Diam: 9.1cm
Capacity: 260ml

MUSH0018 - 40
Height: 16.7cm
Diam: 7.5cm
Capacity: 110ml

MUSH0029 - 45
Height: 20.1cm
Diam: 9.6cm
Capacity: 210ml

MUSH0031 - 50
Height: 21.5cm
Diam: 9.2cm
Capacity: 255ml

MUSH0032 - 80
Height: 24.0cm
Diam: 10.2cm
Capacity: 375ml

MUSH0033 - 80
Height: 24.1cm
Diam: 10.2cm
Capacity: 270ml

MUSH0050 - 80
Height: 24.6cm
Diam: 10.4cm
Capacity: 280ml

MUSH0051 - 80
Height: 25.1cm
Diam: 10.5cm
Capacity: 300ml

MUSH0052 - 80
Height: 25.4cm
Diam: 10.4cm
Capacity: 300ml

MUSH0053 - 40
Height: 16.4cm
Diam: 6.9cm
Capacity: 115ml

MUSH0054 - 40
Height: 16.0cm
Diam: 7.0cm
Capacity: 110ml

MUSH0055 - 40
Height: 15.8cm
Diam: 6.9cm
Capacity: 100ml

MUSH0056 - 40
Height: 15.2cm
Diam: 6.8cm
Capacity: 90ml

MUSH0057 - 45
Height: 18.4cm
Diam: 9.0cm
Capacity: 245ml

MUSH0068 - 45
Height: 17.9cm
Diam: 8.1cm
Capacity: 145ml


MUSH0022 - 40
Height: 16.2cm
Diam: 7.4cm
Capacity: 105ml

MUSH0023 - 40
Height: 16.3cm
Diam: 7.4cm
Capacity: 115ml

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