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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - Mid 17th to late 18th century Bottles - Early Shaft and Globe Bottles

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Dating from the second quarter to the middle of the 17th century; they have a shorter neck than later shaft and globe bottles, and a globular body.

The three original bottles on the right date (from left to right) to c.1645-1650, c.1645-1655 and c.1645-1655 respectively. Their heights are 16.4cm, 17.5cm and 15.1cm.

Most of our early shaft and globe bottles hold at least 700ml, but for the purists we have also made some smaller versions, similar in size to several of the few known original bottles.

Photographs from Burton, D. (2014) Antique Sealed Bottles, Vol. I, p.11.

Original Early Shaft and Globe Bottles: Burton, D. (2014) Antique Sealed Bottles, Vol. I, p.11

These are individual vessels that are in stock and can be purchased as seen.

The pale green bottles were left over from an order for a television series (that rhymes with 'pitcher'!) .

ESG0022 - 30
Height: 22.1cm
Diam: 13.0cm
Capacity: 850ml

ESG0023 - 30
Height: 21.8cm
Diam: 12.9cm
Capacity: 850ml

ESG0025 - 30
Height: 20.4cm
Diam: 12.9cm

ESG0027 - 30
Height: 20.2cm
Diam: 12.6cm
Capacity: 775ml

ESG0042 - 30
Height: 16.0cm
Diam: 11.1cm
Capacity: 500ml

ESG0043 - 30
Height: 16.2cm
Diam: 11.4cm
Capacity: 525ml

ESG0045 - 30
Height: 15.2cm
Diam: 10.9cm
Capacity: 500ml

ESG0046 - 30
Height: 14.7cm
Diam: 11.4cm
Capacity: 525ml

ESG0047 - 30
Height: 16.0cm
Diam: 10.9cm
Capacity: 500ml

ESG0048 - 30
Height: 18.2cm
Diam: 11.9cm
Capacity: 700ml

ESG0049 - 30
Height: 18.9cm
Diam: 12.1cm
Capacity: 725ml

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